Early College High School

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What is an Early College High School?

Early College High Schools provide students with a seamless pathway from high school to college. Students take college courses, along with their high school classes, which give them the opportunity to graduate with a high school diploma and an Associate Degree from San Jacinto College. In ECHS, students begin taking two college classes in ninth grade and progress by taking more college classes each year. By their senior year, most students are nearly finished with their high school requirements and are ready to focus on a full college schedule. Pasadena ISD ECHS is a school within a school model, which means that freshmen and sophomores take their college classes on the comprehensive high school campus, and juniors and seniors take classes at San Jacinto College.

Who is the best fit for ECHS?

Early College High Schools were originally established to help first generation college goers and other underrepresented students, who might not otherwise go to college, get a jump start on their college degree. ECHS is open to ALL students who are motivated and willing to commit to a four year program, which begins in the summer before ninth grade. Students may participate in extracurricular activities at their high school as long as they maintain their grades. Students may also join clubs and organizations at San Jacinto College. It is helpful if the students are currently taking Pre-Advanced Placement classes in intermediate school, but it is not necessary.

Are high school freshmen ready to be college students?

Students need academic, social, and emotional support; however, we believe that with hard work and determination, every student is capable of success in ECHS. Our goals are to teach students the academic behaviors needed to be successful and provide a strong social and emotional education, so they become confident and independent young people capable of pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree or beginning a career when they graduate. There are many layers of support provided by both Pasadena ISD and San Jacinto College. ECHS students face unique challenges during these four years and it is important that families support and encourage their students every step of the way.

How are students accepted?

ALL eighth grade students are eligible to apply. Students must submit the online application by the appropriate deadline. A committee will review the applications and then students are interviewed.  Students’ past performance will be examined, but academic, discipline, or attendance records will not be used to accept or deny students. Our goal is to enroll motivated and determined students that are willing to work hard and take advantage of this incredible opportunity. 

Dr. Jennifer Boushley
Coordinator of Early College High Schools
Pasadena ISD

Early College High Schools are located at all five of the district's comprehensive high schools.

ECHS is FREE to families - college tuition and textbooks are paid for by Pasadena ISD and San Jacinto College.

Transportation is provided.

The ONLINE APPLICATION for the 2020-2021 school year will be open from OCTOBER 1st, 2019 to JANUARY 10th, 2020

             Additional Information 
  • All 8th grade students zoned to PISD high schools are eligible to apply.
  • A district informational meeting will be held in October and ECHS Campus Open Houses will take place during November and December.
  • Accepted students must complete an online commitment form in February.
  • Due to COVID-19, the welcome meetings for students and parents that typically take place in April/May at each ECHS campus are cancelled.
  • Due to COVID-19, the ECHS Summer Bridge program that is normally held in June is cancelled.  At this time, we are planning to have a freshman orientation day in August.  Detailed information has been sent to students that are accepted for the 2020-2021 school year.