Printing FAQ

PRINTSHOP - Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How long will it take to print my job?
That depends on several different factors. Type of job, quantity, paper supply, and current press schedule all play into the turnaround time. Of course, we do everything possible to meet deadlines and RUSH orders, but 
it's best to plan for a turnaround of two weeks. If design services are required, it's best to allow several weeks for the design and proofing process before it's sent to print.

Q. How far in advance do I have to submit my order?
2 weeks is highly recommended.

Q. Which file types do you prefer? 
A. Whenever possible, always submit press ready PDF files. Files such as Powerpoint, Pagemaker, Publisher, etc. will often result in delays due to design and text shifting.

Q. How do I submit a business card order? 
Send an email to Print Shop with the business card details; Name, Title, Department/Campus, Address, Phone Number, Fax, Email Address, and Website Address if applicable. You will receive a confirmation email upon receiving the business card order.

Q. How can I request more shelf forms & how long does it take to arrive at my campus? 
Complete the required Print Request Form and send to the Print Shop email. Depending on the wait time of current print jobs, Shelf Forms are usually completed within 2-3 weeks.

Q. Do I need to submit a hard copy if I already sent in a PDF? 
Submitting a hard copy is highly recommended for efficiency and accuracy.

Q. How do I order an ID badge? 
ID badges for new hires can be processed directly within minutes at the Communication & Printing Department with an HR ID Badge Request Form (given by the HR Department) or can be accompanied by a head department representative. For current employees, replacement ID badges can also be requested and processed at the Communications & Printing Department. Replacement ID badges are $5.

Q. How do I order a Blue Wave (keycard) badge? 
Your campus or department secretary must send the order details to For new hires, the badge will then be processed for same/next day pick up or inter-mail delivery. Replacement Blue Wave keycard badges for current employees must be requested by your campus or department secretary. The keycard will be processed directly at the Communication & Printing Department for a $20 fee upon pick up. Your campus or department secretary will then need to activate your keycard.