Americana for Newcomers

U.S. Pledge, Flag, Symbols

  1. Fun Facts For Kids Countries of the World - United States of America (Video)
  2. US Symbols with Annie and Moby (Video) (CC)*
  3. US Symbols (PowerPoint)
  4. US Symbols Activity Sheet (PDF File)
  5. Flag Vocabulary (PowerPoint) (CC)*
  6. History of the American Flag (Video)
  7. Flag Coloring Page with Key (PDF File)
  8. Flag Coloring Page (PDF File)
  9. Pledge of Allegiance (PowerPoint)
  10. Pledge of Allegiance (Video) (CC)*

National Anthem

  1. United States' National Anthem (Video)
  2. National Anthem (PowerPoint)

Declaration of Independence

  1. Declaration of Independence - Schoolhouse Rock (Video
  2. Declaration of Independence (Video) (CC)*
  3. Declaration of Independence (PowerPoint)
  4. Declaration of Independence Main Points (PowerPoint)

U.S. Constitution

  1. Preamble to the Constitution - Schoolhouse Rock (Video)
  2. The U. S. Constitution for Kids (PowerPoint)
  3. Constitution -  Land of the Free (PowerPoint)
  4. Constitution Fact Sheet #1 (PDF File)
  5. Constitution Fact Sheet #2 (PDF File)
  6. Constitution Read and Respond (PDF File)

Three Branches of Government

  1. Three Branches of Government (PDF File)
  2. Three Branches of Government (Video)
  3. Three Branches of Government - Schoolhouse Rock (Video

Bill of Rights and Amendments

  1. Bill of Rights (PowerPoint)
  2. Bill of Rights - note taking (PowerPoint)

* Closed captioning is available on some of the videos if viewed on YouTube. Click the "CC" to access the YouTube link for that video.