Questions and Answers

Q   Where are the procedures for the locking blue bags?
A    You can find these on the Pasadena ISD website under the Cashier's Office section in the BOPM.

Q   Where are the Cash Collection System notes for the secretary/bookkeeper?
A      In the BOPM under the Cashier's Office.

Q   Where is the Refund Request Form? 
A   In the BOPM on the download accounting forms page.
Refund Form

Q   Where are the Purchasing Dos and Don'ts?
A    In the BOPM on the download accounting forms page.
Purchasing Dos and Don'ts

Q  If a teacher has both 461 and 865 accounts... how many tax exempt fundraisers can each account have per year?  2 per account?
A  Tax free days are a 24 hour period not a tax exempt event. It can only last 1 day (24 hour period). If the fundraiser last 2 weeks the teacher will need to pick a 24 hour period within the 2 weeks that tax would not apply. Fund 865 accounts are entitled to 2 tax free days (which can be picked by the Club) and Fund 461 are entitled to two tax free days picked by the Principal of the campus. If a club uses one of their tax free days during the Campus tax free day then this day counts as one of their tax free days.

Q   Can my campus raise/collect funds from students for “free dress” days?
A   No, free dress days for students are not allowed.

Q    I need some information about Donations, where can I find this?
A     In the BOPM under Accounting.

Q   Do I need to provide a log of which accounts have requested their tax exempt fundraisers including dates?
A   A log would be very helpful, but would like to see in the Long Description in the cash collection if fundraiser was tax free.

Q   I need some information about Gifts/Awards, where can I find this?
A   In the BOPM under Accounting.

Q   Do I need to have Express Fundraiser Catalog sales as taxable?
A   Catalog sales are taxable, but the taxes are paid by the vendor. This should be reflected on the invoice.

Q   My campus wants to sell items during lunch for a activity fundraiser, what items are ok to sell during lunch?
A    Any food and child nutrition questions need to go through Mary Harryman in the Child Nutrition for proper approval.


Q   Our PTO reimburses our school for the buses we use on our field trips, if I am depositing the money from the PTO, how should it be coded? A reimbursement or a donation?
A   This would be considered a donation.

Q   When ordering lunch services that require gratuity can we include this in the payment?
A   Yes, if your supervisor or department is ordering lunch you may include gratuity, it just cannot exceed a 20% tip. (Federal Funds cannot be utilized)

Q   Where can I find a W9 form?
A   It can be found in the Payroll section of the Pasadena ISD page.

Q   I am doing minor décor upgrade since my campus is being painted. My administration wants to get some small items to make the office look nicer, what budget code would I use?
A   199 23 6399