2021 Annual Enrollment

Our annual enrollment will start next Wednesday, October 21st and end November 19th.   

Make sure to get with your school administrator to find out the date and time we will be at your location.  Even if you are NOT going to make any changes – you MUST log in through Lawson Employee Self Service and complete your enrollment for 2021. 

Listed below is a brief presentation of our benefits for 2021 (English & Spanish) since we will not be going out to your campus to explain benefits

English video:

2021 Benefit Guide Final.pdf

Spanish video:

2021 Benefit Guide Sp.pdf

This year we will have very minimal changes to our benefits package.  We will have a very slight increase in our vision premiums and we are increasing the FSA from $2700 to $2750.  Remember you MUST elect to enroll in your FSA account for 2021 – it will NOT automatically “roll-over” for the next year.

We will NOT have “clean-up meetings” this year.  We will have a Benefits Call Center opened at designated times to “walk” you through enrollment.  You must be in front of a computer and logged into your Lawson account in order for us to help you.