FAQ's about Benefits

1)  Q Where can I see what benefits I am enrolled in?

You can view your elections under "my serive center". Log in to front line. Click on "My Service Center" Tab, "My Benefits Information" and then "My Benefits." You will see a screen detailing what you are enrolled in. You can also print that screen for your records.

2)  Q When do premiums come out of my check?

All premiums are deducted evenly between your two monthly checks. (Your check of the 1st of the month, and the check of the 15th of the month.)

3)  Q How can I request a new health insurance card?

You can request a new card through Aetna Navigator

4)  Q Where can I find providers for my plans?

Health Ins. (Aetna): Find health providers in your network. 
Dental Ins. (CIGNA Dental): Find a dental provider in your area.
VSP Vision: Find a vision provider.

5)  Q When can I add/drop my insurance plan, or make changes to it?

You have 31 days from the date of a "status change" to come in and make a change to your plan. A "status change" includes birth of a child, marriage or divorce, termination of other coverage (ie, spouse is no longer carrying you on their insurance.) If you do not meet any of the above, then no changes can be made until the next Enrollment Period. Enrollment or changes in Disability Insurance is only available as a new hire or during Open Enrollment.

Newborn children of an employee are covered under this plan for 31 days after birth and will be treated as dependents from birth only if enrolled by the employee.  Any required additional contributions must be paid to Employer within thirty-one (31) days from the date of birth in order for coverage to be effective.  To enroll for newborn coverage, you will need to complete a change form and return it to the benefits office within 31 days of birth.

6)  Q What do I need in order to make a change on my insurance?

You would need to come in to the benefits office to complete the necessary paperwork to make the change. Also, depending on the reason for the change, you may be asked to provide documentation supporting the reason for the change. (ie, a letter noting the date of termination of coverage elsewhere.)

**EFFECTIVE 09/01/2011: Dependents no longer have a waiting period

7)  Q What paperwork do I need for FMLA?

To request FMLA, you must complete an FMLA request form, and a Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee. We ask that these forms be submitted as close to the date you will be out, as possible. We understand sometimes it is an unforeseen emergency. In those circumstances, you may turn in your forms within 15 days of the start day of leave. Please call the benefits office for more details, or if you have specific questions regarding FMLA paperwork.

8)  Q I am going to have a baby. What do I need to do about FMLA and Disability insurance?

You will need to submit your FMLA request and Certification of Health Care Provider as close to the date you are going to be out as possible. (Those forms can be picked up at the benefits office, or printed off the benefits website.) We will let you know, via mailed letter, if you qualify for FMLA or if we need any additional documentation from you. 
Disability forms cannot be turned in to the benefits office until your physician declares you are disabled, and unable to work.  (They will note it on the Disability form.) Once you submit the completed paperwork, we send the forms to the disability company. Claim forms can be picked up at the benefits office, or printed off the benefits website.

9)  Q Does FMLA pay for my leave while I’m out (for maternity, or illness)?

NO. FMLA is not what pays you while you are out. FMLA is securing your job for the duration of your absence. (Please refer to the benefits LEAVES AND ABSENCES INFO. for details on FMLA.) While you are out, you will be docked out of any sick time, personal time, or vacation time that you have accumulated.

10)  Q What do I need to do to file my disability insurance?

You can download the Disability Paperwork off the Benefits website, under FORMS. Or you can come by the benefits office to pick up the disability claim packet. Once you complete the necessary sections, you will return the packet to the benefits office and we submit everything to the Disability insurance company. You will hear from them within 2-3 weeks.

11)  Q Where can I get TRS information and forms (for retirement or to withdraw my TRS)?

To obtain TRS forms and information, you have to call TRS directly. Their phone number is 1-800-223-8778. Or visit them on the TSR Website.