Keyboarding Resources

Keyboarding Resources

Wall-Size Keyboard

Keyboarding Program - Free open source installation to use in the classroom or at home! -
On the main screen go to options then languages and choose espanol.

Speed Typing Test
Keyboarding Exercises
Online Typing Tutor
Dance Mat Typing
Level 1 -
Level 2 -
Level 3 -
Level 4 -
Type for Fun
Online Typing Lessons
Using the Keyboard Quiz
Spell Dictator
Bubbles Typing Game
Airplane Typing Game
Power Typing (advanced)
Spelling and Typing Games
Ghost Typing Game
Krazy Keyboarding Lessons
Nimble Fingers Typing Tests
Learn to Type Online - NEW!
Peter's Online Typing Course
Typing Lessons

Typing Test (find out how fast you can type!) - NEW! - NEW! - NEW! - NEW!

Glencoe Online Keyboarding Skills
Finger Jig
Super Hyper Spider Typer
Cup Stack Typing Game
Typing Tide Pool Game - NEW!
TyperA: Test Typing Skills Typing Practice
Keyboard Challenge
Typing Balloon Game (beginner)
Typing Paratrooper Sheep Game (beginner)
Soccer Typing Challenge
Baracuda Typing Game
Alpha Munchies Typing Game - NEW!
Alphabetic Rain (beginner)
Power Typing (all levels)

Pete's Online Typing Course (beginner)