Think Through Math

What is Think Through Math?

Focus and Coherence
Think Through Math provides grade-level precursor lessons and anticipates the rigor of the upcoming STAAR assessment.

Support Your RTI Strategy
Think Through Math is the perfect companion to RTI, supporting students in each tier with adaptive placement, ongoing assessment, and instruction that meets students in their zone of proximal development.

Who can use Think Through Math?

3rd-4th Grade
Understanding the System: Develop a comprehensive understanding of whole number operations and fractions.

5th-6th Grade
Groundwork for Middle School Mathematics: Focus on the critical competencies, cement understanding and prepare for the rigor of advanced topics.

Algebra Prep
Transitioning: Deepen conceptual understanding and transition from the concrete to the abstract.

Algebra I
Gateway to College, Career, Life: Zero in on the knowledge that is essential for success in Algebra I.

What do the Tiers represent?

Tier 3 - Intensive intervention for students who need to rebuild their math foundation

Tier 2 - Targeted remediation for students who are working a year or two
behind (on some or all concepts)

Tier 1 - Supplemental instruction and practice for students working on or close to grade-level

What will the students experience?

Placement Assessment - Every student begins with an adaptive placement test that measures their level of content mastery relative to grade-level expectations. The placement creates a highly personalized learning pathway for each student, targeting grade-level expectations.

Explicit Instructions - The program continuously collects performance data, modifies learning pathways, and provides immediate feedback at every step. A learning pathway targets areas of weakness as demonstrated by the student placement. This means that every pathway is individualized.

LIVE Teacher Support – (English and Spanish) As students work independently on the computer at home or school, live bilingual support is only a click away. Students have access to just-in-time support from state-certified teachers– precisely when they need it. Our teachers are available day and night and have plenty of weekend office hours.

Meaningful Practice - Meaningful practice is practice that is based on conceptual understanding, number sense and connected to previously learned concepts and skills. Math makes sense and is easier when students have opportunities to strengthen and reinforce their knowledge.

What reports will teachers see?

Standards Reports - This customizable report allows Texas educators to evaluate performance. Standards Reports provide actionable snapshots of
student progress, strengths and weaknesses and overall class readiness.

Detail and Trend Reports - All the information you need to track, monitor, and ensure student achievement —including implementation fidelity.

Overview Reports - Overview reports allow educators to view customized student usage information thereby making informed decisions on usage and achievement—for entire classes or individual students.

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