About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of the Police Department of the Pasadena Independent School District is to ensure a positive learning environment which is free of crime, violence, or the threat of violence, and to uphold and enforce all applicable laws and regulations without passion or prejudice.

School-Based Officers

The Pasadena Independent School District has five High Schools throughout the 85 square miles of its boundaries.  The boundaries include four municipalities, The Cities of South Houston, Houston, Pearland, and Pasadena, as well as unincorporated areas of Harris County.  The High Schools serves as the basis for designating four patrol districts.

The average student population of each high school is approximately 2,500 - 3,000 students.  Two Police Officers are assigned to each of the five high schools and the Alternative School.  Five Police Officers are assigned to the ten Intermediate Schools, and the remainder of the Officers are assigned to patrol duties.  Generally, no officer is assigned to more than two consecutive semesters as a school-based officer.

School-based officers are assigned a marked patrol car and respond as back-up for the District patrol officer.  Each high school and intermediate school provides an office that is designated for our police officers.  These offices enable Officers to access the PISD Police records management and reporting system. 

The school-based officers are responsible for monitoring the campus for criminal activity and District Policy violations.  The officers conduct criminal investigations, incident and accident reports.  This includes the gathering and processing of evidence and referring of charges to the District Attorney's Office.  The Officers make arrests and book prisoners into the appropriate jail facility.  Although the school-based officers are assigned to the campus they are supervised by the Chief of Police as mandated by state law via the police chain of command.

District Patrol Officers

The Pasadena Independent School District is divided into four patrol districts.  The average district contains 13 to 18 facilities and/or campuses.  The district patrol officer is assigned a marked patrol vehicle.

The patrol officer is responsible for responding to calls within the patrol district and conducting criminal investigations.  The officer enforces various city and county ordinances such as Day and Nighttime curfew violations, Juvenile Tobacco Possession, Texas Penal Code, and Texas Educational Laws.  All officers may participate in a ride-along program with the Pasadena Police Gang Task Force.  The officers enforce traffic laws as they pertain to safety concerns for the District.

The primary jurisdiction of patrol officers is school campuses, support facilities, and other District-owned properties.  The Pasadena Independent School District Police Department has entered into inter-local agreements with law enforcement agencies having overlapping jurisdiction.


Currently two officers are assigned to perform the duties of Detective(s)/Investigator(s), who reports directly to the Patrol Captain.  The Detective is responsible for detailed and/or involved criminal investigations that, by their nature, would severely limit the duties of the uniformed patrol or school-based officer.  These investigations include, but are not limited to: allegations of sexual or physical abuse perpetrated by school personnel on students, teacher misconduct, serious student misconduct, on-campus injuries or deaths, serious crimes against property and any internal investigation deemed necessary by the office of the Chief.