Training Rules

Pasadena I.S.D. Police 



  • Academics:  All exams are the property of the Training     Coordinator.  Grades will not be published and examinations are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.
  • Administrative Areas: Students shall remain in designated Training Area at all times. Students will not enter police offices without permission.
  • Class Attendance: No absences or tardiness will be accepted or permitted unless excused by the Training Coordinator. The Officer’s Supervisors will be notified.
  • Communication Devices: Texting during class is prohibited; therefore pagers, cell phones, etc. will be turned OFF during class or placed on vibrate.
  • Complaints:  Any complaints will be addressed to the    Instructor and Training Coordinator or Chief of Police.
  • Conduct:  Professional demeanor is expected and no disruptive or disrespectful conduct will be tolerated. Profanity is prohibited.
  • Dress:  Uniform, ERT Uniform, or “business casual” dress is acceptable.  No shorts, tee shirts, flip-flops, or tank tops are permitted.  Caps or hats will not be worn in class.
  • Illness or Injury:  Shall be reported immediately to the          Instructor and Training Coordinator.
  • Messages:  Emergency messages will be delivered immediately.  All other messages will be posted in the Training Room.
  • Newspaper/Other Reading Material:  No reading material unless provided by the Instructor will be read while class is in session.
  • Rank Designation:  Personnel attending are considered students, regardless of rank.  The Instructor is in charge and responsible for all activities.
  • Tobacco & Alcohol Use:  Prohibited on PISD property.
  • Weapons:  Officers in uniform or plain clothes may carry weapons according to their Departmental Policy.  Civilian personnel will not be allowed to carry weapons in class.


Training Coordinator: Bill McMahan

Violation of any of these rules can be cause for dismissal from class. 
The Training 
Coordinator will inform the student’s supervisor and department.

    1515 Cherybrook, Pasadena, Texas 77502 
Office 713-740-0200
Fax 713-740-4031