The Pasadena ISD Adult Transition Services (ATS) will allow students to begin experiencing adult life activities in the community while having the support of the school system.  Locations include work based learning sites and paid employment sites, post-secondary education options, community sites such as grocery stores, and adult agencies.  Community sites for recreation/leisure are included in the transition programming options for ATS students.  The specific locations where the instruction occurs and the supports needed are based on the individual needs of the adult student’s IEP developed by the ARD committee. Age-appropriate settings can include, but are not limited to businesses, community services, living arrangements, transportation and recreation/leisure locations.  


ATS is a community-based program that uses the community to facilitate the transition to adult life.  Adult students collaborate with their families and ATS staff to work on the IEP for each adult student which is designed to be implemented in a natural environment in the community that have been identified as post-secondary goals for the adult student.  All current evaluation data is used to identify strengths, preferences, and student interest related to their post-secondary goals.  The IEP is the guiding framework to implement instruction for work-based learning, post-secondary education, independent living, service learning, recreation/leisure activities, or other areas of need identified by the ARD committee. 

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Kathryn Higginbotham-Jones

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High School Students ages 18-22 who have completed their requirements for HS Graduation