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STAARt to Finish

All Pasadena ISD campuses will continue to follow appropriate public health protocols during any administration.

For more information about how STAAR testing will be administered at your child’s home campus, please contact your child’s school.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my child is enrolled in virtual learning, how will the STAAR test be administered?

Students will report to their home campus for their STAAR assessment. All Pasadena ISD campuses will continue to follow appropriate public health protocols. 

Pasadena ISD continues to require everyone on campus to wear a mask?

If a parent has concerns regarding his/her child taking a STAAR exam, what should he/she do?

The first step is to contact the child’s campus.

What consequences are tied to state assessments for the 2020–2021 school year?

As a TEA requirement, school districts and campuses must offer state assessments. School districts that offer virtual instruction are required to encourage virtual students to participate in state assessments. Changes to the testing environment for safety and parent outreach are required. 

There are no statutory consequences for school districts or campuses based on students’ performance on state assessments this year. For school systems and campuses, the A–F rating for the 2020–2021 school year has been paused. 

TEA has made some changes this year: 

• TEA has waived state requirements to retain students in grades 5 and 8 who do not meet grade level on the STAAR.

 • TEA has provided additional flexibility for English learners to be reclassified as English proficient.

Who can be a test administrator for the exams?

Any district personnel may serve as a test administrator if they hold valid education credentials (such as a Texas educator certificate or permit), or if they are supervised by a district professional who holds the appropriate credentials. All district and campus personnel who participate in state-mandated testing or handle or have access to secure test materials must be trained in proper testing procedures and have signed an Oath of Test Security and Confidentiality. 

STAAR Alternate 2 and TELPAS Alternate test administrators must have a high level of familiarity with the student so that testing accommodations can be delivered appropriately and the student’s typical mode of response can be understood.

What will happen if my child is required to quarantine during the district scheduled assessment day and is not able to test during the remainder of the testing window? 

Please contact your child’s campus for guidance on whether they should be required to quarantine during a STAAR exam.

Will virtual students have the opportunity to take the STAAR assessment online at home?

The Texas Education Agency has no provisions for students to take the STAAR Exam at home, all students  must report to campus for their STAAR Exam.

Texas Assessment Data Portal

The Student Assessment Department is responsible for coordinating the administration of all state-mandated assessment programs for Pasadena Independent School District.  This includes STAAR for grades 3-8, STAAR End-of-Course and TELPAS for English Language Learners, in addition to national assessment programs through NWEA and College Board, such as Advanced Placement (AP), PSAT, and SAT exams.  In addition to training campus personnel to administer the tests, we coordinate ordering, distributing, collecting, and shipping all test materials. 

Blake Emmons serves as the Director of Student Assessment, Amy Duke serves as the District Test Coordinator, the Student Assessment department Secretary is Janette Montemayor, and Veronica Gonzalez is the testing assistant.  Please contact us if you have any questions about these testing programs.

Test Pencil

For handy access to resources for the Texas Student Assessment Program, go to Avocet and select "Texas Resources." A large amount of information is available on the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Pearson Educational Management webpages.