Emergency Drills

Emergency Management
Pasadena ISD Emergency Management works diligently to be prepared for an emergency.

Each campus has a crisis response plan. Training and mock exercises are conducted regularly (lockdowns, fire evacuations, and shelter in place). 


Preparedness & Response


When there is a campus incident that requires students to remain in the classroom. Classroom doors are locked but instruction continues as normal. IE: a fight in the hallway.


 When there is an external event (ie: bank robbery, police chase) which makes it unsafe for students to be outside. More than 90% of our emergency response situations involve non-school related events which require students to remain indoors for a period of time. In these situations, all exterior doors will be locked and students will move throughout the building as usual. 


 When there is a suspected intruder inside the school building. In these situations, students and staff are to lock their classroom or office doors and remain quiet and calm until there is an all-clear from responding officers. 


 Students are escorted outside of the building because of fire or some other type of hazard. 


When there is a chemical event near a campus. To protect students and staff, all doors will be locked to prevent the accidental opening and closing of doors and heating and air conditioning units will be turned off.