Prek Tuition Program

Our Prekindergarten Half- Day Tuition Program is Now Available 

Pasadena Independent School District is offering a Half-Day Tuition-Based Program at the Following Elementary Schools.   
Contact the school you are interested in enrolling to schedule a time to enroll.  See below for enrollment details.  

School Address City  Zip  Phone
 Fisher  2920 Watters Rd  Pasadena TX  77502  713-740-0552
 Freeman  2323 Theta St  Houston, TX  77034  713-740-0568
 Garfield  10301 Hartsook  Houston, TX  77034  713-740-0584
 Matthys  1500 Main Street  South Houston, TX  77587  713-740-0632
 Richey  610 South Richey  Pasadena TX  77506  713-740-0712
 South Houston  900 Main Street  South Houston, TX  77587  713-740-0736
 Turner  4333 Lily  Pasadena TX  77505  713-740-0768
 Williams  1522 Scarborough Lane  Pasadena TX  77502  713-740-0776



Who can participate in the Pasadena ISD Prekindergarten Tuition Program?

  • Children who turn four-years-old on or before September 1, 2018. 
  • The district will accept children living in and out of district

 How do families living out-of-district begin the enrollment process?
 If families live out of the district, they need to do the following prior to enrolling at the campus:
  1. Go to Student Services at the administration building and complete the out of district application.
  2. Student Services will send the application to the campus principal for approval.
  3. The campus will return the application to Student Services.
  4. Student Services will gain approval from the Superintendent of Schools.
  5. Once all four steps are complete, then the student can enroll.

Tuition Rates for Half-Day

A sliding scale chart of tuition rates based on the household’s gross income and household size determines the amount of tuition per family.  See the chart below for yearly rates: 

Tuition Rates for Prek

Tuition rates are calculated on a sliding scale based on gross household income and adjusted for household size. All family income must be included.

Income Documents you must bring for enrollment

Gross earnings (before deductions – wages, salaries, tips, unemployment compensation, self-employment, etc…) will be determined from the following documents:

  • Pay stubs from all individuals earning money in the household and other documentation for income received
  • Payments from welfare, child support, alimony, pensions, retirement, social security
  • Any other income (disability benefits, interest/dividends, etc.)

 Tuition Must Be Paid Monthly by a Credit Card via the District’s Website.

(District employees must pay tuition via payroll deduction twice a month.)

Click Here for additional information regarding the enrollment process.