Central Houston Cadillac / Central Houston Nissan

Central Houston Cadillac / Central Houston Nissan
Posted on 08/18/2016
By utilizing the Central Houston Cadillac and Central Houston Nissan Affinity Marketing Programs you can automatically generate contributions to Pasadena ISD Education Foundation and to ultimately back to Pasadena teachers. If you are already in the market for a new or pre owned vehicle, you could make a significant financial contribution simply by mentioning this Program when purchasing a vehicle from one of our partnership dealerships.
Basic Requirements for Participation:

1.  Supporter/Members MUST simply ask for Bill Workman, the Affinity Program Coordinator, when they initially contact Central Houston Cadillac or Central Houston Nissan.
 If and when a vehicle is purchased and funded, two benefits automatically occur:
   A.  A $200 donation will be released to Pasadena ISD Education Foundation.
   B.  The new car buyer will be entitled to Preferred Pricing automatically insuring the best possible price without uncomfortable negotiations. Any and all current at the time dealer promotions and discounts, manufacturer rebates and incentives, etc. will apply.

For more details call: 832.444.4717