Student is New to PISD

Student is New to Pasadena Schools

(Never Attended PISD)

1. Email Address

You will need an email address to start the registration process.
If you do not already have an email address, click the link below for help creating one.

> Instructions to Create a Google Gmail account

2. Find Your Zoned Campus

You must live within the district boundaries to attend Pasadena ISD. Prior to starting the online process, you will need to know to which campus your home address is zoned. You must select your zoned campus during the online process.

Click here to find your zoned campus.

  1. In the search box located at the top left corner, type your home address  and click enter.
  2. A pop-up box will include a list of schools zoned to your address.

3. Document Required to Begin Online Process

One proof of residency is required to begin the online process.
(Current gas, water, electric or cable bill)
If you have a smart phone or tablet, you can take a picture of the document and upload it with your device.

NOTE: You will be required to provide one additional proof of residence when completing the registration process at the campus.

4. Begin the online registration process. Click the video link below detailed instructions on completing the process.

New Pasadena ISD Family, click here.

Existing Pasadena ISD Family, click here.

Need assistance with your Skyward Family Access account?
Contact your child's campus.

5. Finalize the Process

Please gather the following documents to complete the enrollment process at the campus: 


o Two Current Proofs of Residence

Acceptable forms of proof of residence include:

  • Mortgage payment statement or lease
  • Current utility bill (cell phone bills are not accepted)
  • Auto Insurance Payment Statements
  • State/Federal Assistance Documentation
    Medicare Unemployment Benefits
    Medicaid Military/Veteran’s Benefits
    Social Security TANIF
    SNAP Child Support Documentation

o Immunization Record
o Student’s Birth Certificate (original or certified copy)

Required for:

  • Prekindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • Students new to Pasadena ISD under 11 years of age, and
  • Students who were never enrolled in a Texas public school

o Social Security Card
o Final report card or withdrawal documents from previous school
o Child custody documentation outlining parental rights

6. All NEW students must also complete the Skyward Annual Verification Online Form for 2024-2025 before the first day of school. 

CLICK HERE  for more information about the Annual Verification Online form.