Health Education

Elementary and Middle School Health Education is taught as part of coordinated school health.  The curriculum is focused on the following essential concepts:

·     Move More Mondays- Focused on striving to get 60 minutes of daily physical activity, making friends and bully prevention

·     Try It Tuesdays- Focused on trying healthy behaviors: drinking more water, refusing tobacco and alcohol and personal safety

·     Wellness Wednesdays- Focused on fueling your body with healthy foods, preventing disease, problem solving and goal setting

·     Think Healthy Thursdays- Focused on developing personal health, environmental health, self-esteem and outdoor safety


Intermediate and High School Health Education: In health education, students will acquire the health information and skills necessary to become healthy adults and learn about behaviors in which they should and should not participate. To achieve that goal, students will understand the following: students should first seek guidance in the area of health from their parents; personal behaviors can increase or reduce health risks throughout the lifespan; health is influenced by a variety of factors; students can recognize and utilize health information and products; and personal/interpersonal skills are needed to promote individual, family, and community health.

Human Sexuality
Please be advised that students in grades 5-8 and students taking high school Health, will receive human sexuality instruction. Parents will opt-in via letter at least 2 weeks prior to the instruction. You can find more information in the link below.

Human Sexuality Curriculum Resources and Permission Slips

Parenting and  Paternity Awareness
Parenting and Paternity Awareness (p.a.p.a.) is an evidence-based, educational curriculum designed for young adults. It teaches them the benefits of waiting to become a parent until after they have completed their education, started a career, and are in a stable, committed relationship. The p.a.p.a. program complies with state law requiring high-school health to include a parenting and paternity awareness curriculum. More information about p.a.p.a. can be found here.