Pasadena Independent School District purchases the following insurance:

Commercial Crime Insurance

Student Trip/Travel Accident Insurance

Fleet Insurance/Business Auto

Property Insurance/Terrorism Insurance

Flood Insurance

Student Accident/UIL Insurance

School Board Legal Liability

Worker's Compensation


Student Accident/UIL Insurance

  The district offers comprehensive accident insurance for all student groups participating in District sponsored UIL events.  The groups include all athletes, student managers, cheerleaders, dance teams, choir, band, wrestlers, power-lifters, fencers, Vocational Trades and JROTC members. 


Student Trip/Travel Insurance 

The district has a limited accident insurance policy.  It is an accident only policy and does not cover loss or expenses resulting from sickness, disease, or bodily infirmity. A  PISD covered activity is described as a sponsored land or air trip (excluding scheduled athletic events, games or practices) as designated by the plan sponsor.  Such trip will begin at the actual start of the trip from the original point of departure.  Such trip will end when the insured arrive at the return destination point.

  The district provides coverage for the following eligible persons:

1.  All of our registered students, teachers and chaperones who are traveling on sponsored trips within the boundaries of the United States.

2.  All of our registered students, teachers and chaperones, who are being transported from the campus to the insured's home by a nurse, administrator or teacher employed by PISD and in a privately owned vehicle.

3.  All of our registered students, teachers and chaperones, who are being transported to and from community based vocational instruction worksites.

Student Insurance  - administered by Student Assurance Services, Inc.

 If students are in need of Student accident coverage it may be purchased by their parent or legal guardian any time throughout the year by filling out an enrollment form, attaching  the premium payment and submitting the documents to Student Assurance Services, Inc., P.O. Box 196, Stillwater, MN  55082-0196. This plan is vital for those students who have no insurance coverage at all. Also, this plan may help fill those "gaps" caused by deductibles and co-pays.  This plan does not contain a deductible provision.  This coverage is not managed by the district claims are made directly to Student Assurance Services, Inc. (1-800-366-4810) P.O. Box 196, Stillwater, MN 55082-0196.  Brochures are available from your school office  or the Business Office.

Personal/Rented Vehicles

  Employees who use personal or rented vehicles to perform a district related activity that is involved in anat fault accident, have coverage through the district's insurance policy as follows:

 1.  Automobile Liability (Injury and Property damage to other party)

2.  Bodily Injury to Employee - employee's injuries are covered under the district's workers' compensation policy.

3.  Physical Damage ( to your personal car) - actual cash value

4.  Primary Insurer - The district's insurance company will contact your automobile insurance company. Your insurance company is the primary party responsible for the incident.  Should your insurance limits be exhausted, the district's insurance company may apply on an excess basis within the limits listed above.


PISD Employee Not at Fault in an Accident 

Employees who use personal or rented vehicles to perform a district related activity that are involved in accidents caused by the other motorist have coverage as follows:

 1. Bodily Injury - employee's injuries are covered under the district's workers' compensation policy. 

2.  Physical Damage to personal or rented vehicle - not covered on the district's insurance policy. 


                         Purchase of Insurance when Leasing/Renting a Vehicle            


Insurance for non-owned or lease/rental vehicles is included in the district's liability insurance coverage.  If a vehicle is leased/rented by an employee for the purpose of district business, that person is covered under the district's policy for liability.  If additional insurance is taken during the leasing/rental process for any vehicle being used for district business, the person who has signed that lease/rental agreement will be responsible for the cost of the additional coverage.  The district will not reimburse additional insurance coverage for any lease/rental vehicle being used by an employee for district business.