• Dr. DeeAnn Powell, Superintendent

  • Toni Lopez, Deputy Superintendent of Staff and Academic Achievements

  • Dr. Troy McCarley, Deputy Superintendent of Governance, Operations, and School Services

  • Kevin Fornof, Associate Superintendent Facilities & Construction

  • Gloria Gallegos, Associate Superintendent, Special Programs

  • Alyta Harrell, Associate Superintendent, Campus Development

  • Bobbye McCain, Associate Superintendent of Human Resources

  • Dr. Darla Massey-Jones, Associate Superintendent, Accountability and Compliance

  • Dr. Melissa McCalla, Chief Technology Officer

  • Ben Pape, Chief Financial Officer

  • Dr. Rhonda Parmer, Associate Superintendent, Campus Development

  • Jeremy Richardson, Associate Superintendent, Campus Development

  • Joe Saavedra, Associate Superintendent, Campus Development

  • Sandra Garcia Huhn, General Counsel

Please call Central Office for contact information : 713-740-0000