School Board

Upcoming Board Meetings

 If the students of Pasadena ISD are the heart of the district, then the Board of Trustees are the pulse.

These seven individuals volunteer countless hours to serve the district’s 54,380 students, 7,400 employees and community members. January is School Board Recognition Month and the Pasadena ISD family is joining school districts statewide to show appreciation to these diligent leaders for their dedication and willingness to serve as advocates for students.

Board members are elected by local constituents and play a crucial role in governing the district. Working collaboratively with the school superintendent, staff, parents, students, and community members, the Board establishes a vision for the district, adopts a strategic plan to achieve that vision, looks for opportunities to move the school district forward and remain united in shaping the quality of education for children.

To achieve these goals, the board is visible in the community and can be sighted at campuses, community functions and small group gatherings seeking input about matters that impact students and staff. On a formal level, the board hosts monthly meetings to make difficult decisions that affect the district.

In addition, board members attend training sessions to stay informed about changes in federal regulations and educational trends. Board members also serve on various community, service and civic organization and are members of area chambers of commerce, Rotary Clubs, Optimist Club, Lions Club, PTO’s and local churches.