District policy FFAC-R (Local) prohibits students from transporting medication to or from school and requires that the parent/guardian or other responsible adult transport medication. 


As with any district-wide policy or procedure, an occasional “hardship” exception may be necessary on an individual campus.  If the campus principal or school nurse grants an exception to this policy, the principal or nurse must provide written notice to the transportation department and follow procedures outlined below:


  • Permission to transport medication is granted only for special education students riding a special education bus to a campus other than his/her own home campus
  • The principal or school nurse will inform the transportation department in writing if an exception is granted and campus personnel will communicate with the parent regarding specific procedures the parent must follow
  • Transportation department will inform drivers and/or monitors and will provide the bus with two medication bags labeled with the bus number and school.  (Two bags are provided so that they may be exchanged between transportation personnel and school personnel)
  • Medication must be in the original medication container and properly labeled.  The parent is responsible for placing the medication in the medication bag and the bus driver and monitor deliver the medication bag to the school. The driver and monitor are not to handle the medications – they are only to handle the medication bag
  • School personnel will be responsible for meeting the bus, accepting the sealed medication bag from the driver and/or monitor and delivering it to the school nurse


Also, please remember the following:


  • No medication is transported by students (in backpacks, etc)
  • No medication is transported on a regular education bus
  • No exceptions