2014 February Employee Spotlight

Mary McCorvey - Employee Spotlight
Posted on 02/12/2014
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Pasadena ISD’s Employee Spotlight recognizes valued employees whose exemplary performance improves the quality of students’ educational experiences in our schools. This week, Pasadena ISD is proud to recognize Special Education Instructional Specialist Mary “Darlene” McCorvey. Mary has dedicated her life to ensuring that students of all backgrounds get a meaningful learning experience. "The one thing that I appreciate is when students remember me and the life lessons I taught them...that’s when I know that all the tears and hard work have paid off because I see something flourishing from the seed that was planted."      ~ Mary McCorvey


When we told Mary "Darlene" McCorvey that Pasadena ISD wanted to feature her in our Employee Spotlight, she laughed and said, "This is such an honor. What made you pick me?" Read her story below and the answer to her question is obvious.

Educating for Life

Special Education Science Instructional Specialist Mary “Darlene” McCorvey –who taught 8th grade science for several years at South Houston Intermediate – reminds teachers to always focus on the students.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

A: I would consider myself a life-long learner and a very dedicated teacher. I was a former eighth grade science teacher and I taught science most of my professional life. I have been very involved with students either at my job or at church, even with kids in the community. I love teaching and I am definitely a dedicated educator.

Q: How long have you been with Pasadena ISD?

A: I started working at Pasadena ISD in 2001, so roughly 13 years now.

I was an 8th grade science teacher at South Houston Intermediate School from 2001-2007. While teaching there, I served as the sponsor and coach of the cheerleading squad and I was the science department head and mentor teacher.

Since 2007, I have been working with the special programs department as a K-12th grade science instructional specialist for special education.

Q: What are some of your interests?

A: I’m very active in my church. I am a member of New Faith Church in Houston. I work with a touring organization called In Style, which works with young high school girls. I also teach at my church.

I love sports. My favorite sports are football and basketball.

I am also very close to my family. I am the fifth out of six siblings so my family is a very huge part of my life.

Q: What are your favorite football and basketball teams?

A: My favorite teams are the Baltimore Ravens and I’m also a fan of the Tennessee Titans.

Q: You work with educators throughout the district for training and staff development. What is the most important concept that you want them to remember?

A: I think the most important thing for teachers to remember is to not forget about the kids. Always let kids be the focus of what you are doing. Sure our curriculum is important and teachers take ownership of their lessons but at the same time, we have to remember that we’re teaching students and every student has their own way of learning. We should not get so caught up in a lesson that we forget to be creative in showing how this lesson can be taught or expanded to meet the needs of our kids.

When I train teachers, I try to help them not lose focus of one particular student or a group of students and even the coach of the classroom because that is going to be very important in helping students make a connection to what you taught and prior knowledge that could be activated when they get to the next course or their next grade level.

Q: How have you positively impacted Pasadena ISD students?

A: My mom used to always tell me that your job may not be to plant water and pick the seed – your job may be to plant the seed for someone else who comes along and waters the seed.

The one thing that I appreciate is when students remember me and the life lessons I taught them. Teachers very seldom get to focus on the big picture. The big picture goes beyond what we’re saying right now. It may take some of our sweethearts two or three years down the line to see what we were trying to teach them. And it may not be a small lesson but a life lesson.

When I have kids that come back and say I remember what you tried to teach me or now I get what you were trying to tell me, that’s when I know that all the tears and hard work have paid off because I see something flourishing from the seed that was planted.

Q: How would you describe your experience here at Pasadena ISD?

A: My experience has been very positive. For me, Pasadena ISD has been all about growth, in terms of being a professional, being a leader, but also be a servant leader as well. I think all those experiences have helped shaped me as a person.

This is just a sampling of the talent in Pasadena ISD. We have thousands of additional employees who make contributions to students and the community every day.

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