Early Work Pay

Clerical employees that principals have come in prior their official beginning work day can either earn Trade Days or will be paid using a one-time pay at their existing hourly/daily rate of pay. See web page for Trade Days or "Overtime/Compensatory Time" for the rules and the excel time sheet example.   Compensatory time is only earned when the Non-Exempt works over 40 hours for the week.

This only applies to employees that work during the month of August.  Any work performed in the month of July must be paid according to the payroll cycle schedule.

If the employees are brought in to assist with the normal registration process or other normal heavy work at the beginning of school, then the payment is to be charged to the principal's budget.

If the employees are brought in to assist with some sort of special project that is approved by the appropriate Associate Superintendent, then the payment can be charged to responsibility 899. Once the project is approved , the appropriate Associate Superintendent will notify Jeanne Conway that the charge has been properly authorized.

Teachers or other Administrative staff can make arrangements with the principal for "trade days". See web page "Trade Days" for the rules and examples.

Please call if you have any questions.