National Trips

Reimbursement of National Trips

IMPORTANT:    Prior to making arrangements for any national student competition that you will be asking for reimbursement, please contact Mr. John Piscacek, Associate Superintendent of Finance, by email to make sure that the trip qualifies to be reimbursed.  Attach the email approval to the request for reimbursement..

It is the Finance Office’s responsibility to reimburse the campus(es) for  preapproved costs associated with the advancement of student groups to  national level competitions. It is the responsibility of the campus to cover costs at the local and state level.  All trips must follow the travel guidelines as outlined in the Business Office Procedure Manual.

Campus(es) that have groups advancing to a national level competition are asked to process all requisitions associated with the trip through the campus local maintenance budget  (199). After the competition is over and all expenditures have been paid, a request for reimbursement should be sent to the secretary to the Associate Superintendent of Finance To ensure proper reimbursement the following documentation will be needed to process.

  1. A completed cover page showing amounts to be reimbursed by account codes. 
  2. A copy of reimbursement approval email received from Associate Superintendent of Finance. 
  3. A copy of the itinerary of the national competition.
  4. A copy of all expenses to be reimbursed including copies of any Non Standard Purchase Orders and receipts. Please attach receipts to Reimbursement Request Form in order as listed on the form. 
  5. All receipts must be clear and legible and meet the travel reimbursement guides in the BOPM. Travel Page.

Following review, a journal entry will be posted to the general ledger showing that the expenses have been reimbursed.  Some examples of coding associated with the district guidelines for travel are:

199-XX-XXX-XXX-XXX-6497-XXX                FEES



Sample Expense List

Jane Smith

Sponsor Meals



Jane Smith

Student Meals




Car Rental