Field Trips

Field Trip and Medical Consent Form

Introduction:  Planning for Transportation for Field Trips

In order to obtain a Pasadena I.S.D. bus or buses for a trip or activity, it is necessary to complete a Bus Requisition Form e 5-6 and send it to the Transportation Department.  Requisition must arrive at Transportation at least ten business days prior to date of trip.  A Sample of the Form is included in this section.

Instructions for Bus Requests

Briefly, the information needed to complete this form is as follows:

  1. Date Submitted
  2. Campus or Location where trip will originate
  3. Date of trip
  4. Budget code where trip is to be charged.
  5. Destination of trip
  6. Address of trip
  7. Name of Group
  8. Number of students and number of buses requested
  9. Departure and return times
  10. Loading location if different from the regular bus turnaround
  11. Drivers name if it is a certified coach when providing your own driver
  12. Approval signature by Campus Principal or Administrator
  13. Contact Person’s telephone number

There are three copies of the form that need to be sent to the appropriate locations.

White and Yellow copies are sent to Transportation.
Pink Copy is to remain at the Campus.

Billing of Transportation Trip Charges

On completion of the trip, Transportation will fill in the bottom half of this form with the number of buses dispatched and the cost data. They will send a copy of the completed bus requisition form to accounting for payment processing.  The requisition and account number on your bus requisition form will identify the charges made to your account. This transaction can be viewed on the ZG298 General Ledger Detail Report.

Payment of Transportation Trip Charge

Athletic Events:                                              XXX-36-XXX-091-XXX-6494-00
Drill Team 
      UIL High School Football

Extra Curricular:                                              XXX-36-XXX-XXX-XXX-6494-00
Fine Arts 
       UIL Arts

Class Field Trips:                                             XXX-11-XXX-XXX-XXX-6494-00

If you have any questions regarding the coding of the Bus Requisition, please contact accounting.


Bus Transportation Field Trip Charges

The cost of bus transportation for field trips is as follows:

  • Schools will be charged a flat rate of $25.00 per hour per bus, with a minimum of 2 -hours.
  • Buses driven on field trips by certified coaches will be charged at the rate of $1.00 per mile.
  • Buses ordered by campus or locations that are cancelled upon arrival will be charged a 2-hour minimum non-cancellation fee of $50.00.
  • Weekends will be charged a 2-hour minimum non-cancellation fee $50.00. Vans charged-miles x $0.585.

Canceling a bus: 

  • You must cancel at least 2-business days prior to the trip date.
  • Failure to cancel within 2 days will result in a 2 hour charge of $50.00.

Do not use the forms below. 
Please obtain the 3-part form from printing.

Bus Requistion Form.jpg