Stock Orders

If any item has not moved in two years time, or the Warehouse has not sold a minimum of 50 per year, then these items will be discontinued.  Everything carried in stock is at the request of a department head, such as Director of Operations for Custodial supplies (section 57).  The Director will test various products throughout the year and decide which is best, most economical to be used by all custodians.  He then gives brand name, description of product, how it is packages, how he wants it to be sold/issued  (ie: each, case, bottle, box, etc.) to Warehouse and request for this item to be assigned a Warehouse Catalog number and carried in stock. The Warehouse will then submit a Purchase Requisition to Purchasing to order the material.

Procedures for Ordering, Returning or Locating Items in Stock

 Creating a Warehouse Requisition at a Glance

Lawson documentation page.


 1 – ATHLETICS                      32 – OFFICE FORMS 

 51 – MAINTENANCE                52 – CLINIC

 9 – ART                                   57 – CUSTODIAL

11 – AUDIO VISUAL                58 – LAUNDRY 

17 – ELEMENTARY                      


Returning an order already delivered:  Warehouse department 713.740.0832.

Canceling or reducing quantity on an order not yet received:

  1. Call the warehouse and let them know what item(s) you want to cancel or reduce and they will pull the order and do the paperwork.

  2. If you receive the wrong item, call the warehouse and they will get your delivery driver to pick up the wrong item and deliver the correct one.  The item(s) to be returned should be in a designated place (ex.: Office)

  3. There is a 48hr window return policy.

  4. If you ordered the wrong item, follow step 1 – RETURNING FOR CREDIT.

As soon as possible, check your orders to make sure they are correct.  Open ALL boxes that are not factory sealed because we reuse boxes to pack orders.  Be sure to sign and date each order on the bottom of the delivery ticket.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call.  If you are in doubt that your order was accepted on the computer, CALL FIRST BEFORE ENTERING IT AGAIN !!