Employee VPN Access

Procedures for PISD Remote Access

Juniper Application

Summary:   Effective immediately, certain web based district applications will be available to use by appropriate personnel from a remote site.  We are attempting to provide users access to critical district level applications and information outside of our network.  Due to the number of potential scenarios and different home setups, user support from our helpdesk for this application will be limited.  Security and protection of our network is of the utmost importance.  We have rolled out an application that allows users to connect to our network from any computer.  Also, access to our network should only be attempted with a high speed connection (DSL, Cable modem), as a dial up connection does not have acceptable performance standards.


  1. Only the following applications can be accessed, one at a time, through the connection:
    • Chancery (district student info system)
    • MS OWA 2003 (this is our web email for district email)
    • PISDNET (district intranet site)
    • Lawson Web (district HR/Payroll/Finance system)
    • TipWeb (district textbook mgmt system)
    • Mizuni Reports Portal (district reporting, information, and data warehouse solution)
    • Plato
    • GradeSpeed
    • SEAS  (district special education solution)
    • Eduphoria!
  2. While connected through VPN, you will be allowed to access the internet. Internet site visits will be recorded while connected as normal procedures from district policy. 
  3. We strongly suggest that your computer has virus protection and it is up to date.  Free virus protection is available at AVG. The district does not endorse this product and it is only used as a reference. 
  4.  We strongly suggest that your Microsoft Critical Operating System updates be loaded on your computer.  Go Microsoft and, at a minimum, ensure all critical updates are loaded on your computer.
  5. You may need to disable or allow access for Pop-up blockers when loading and running applications!
  6. PC  users: Your internet security must allow you to run and install ActiveX controls.  Go your internet options, select Security, select Custom Access.  Make sure all ActiveX is enabled.  Typically, you can allow access when the install is taking place.  A yellow highlighted line will appear below your address window and you can click on it to allow the activeX install. Or, you can follow instructions below:



1. Verify your internet is working before attempting to connect to the Pasadena ISD VPN.  You can do this by doing a search on Google or checking your non-district email.  

2. Make sure all pop-up blockers are disabled.  Allowing pop-ups while on certain web pages will depend on which popup blocker you use.  As seen below, with Google, you can click on the Pop-up Block icon and either allow or not allow pop-ups for a particular website.


   SchoolCenter Picture


3. Make sure Internet Explorer security options are set to allow ActiveX.

   i.   From Internet Explorer web page, choose TOOLS and select INTERNET OPTIONS


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   ii.   Select the Security Tab and then select CUSTOM LEVEL icon.


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    iii.   Make sure all ActiveX controls are enabled 


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1.  Use URL: http://RA.pasadenaisd.org  


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2. Enter your regular PISD id and password.  Make the Realm is set to pisd_AD.

3. Sign in.  

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4. You may enter a security warning regarding your computers virus protection application.  If you are sure your anti-virus application is up to date and receiving regular updates, you may select the "Continue" or proceed icon to access the application.

5. You now have access to the list of applications.

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