Unacceptable student conduct on school buses includes but is not limited to the following:


  1. Extending arms, head, clothing, hair or other articles from the windows of the bus.
  2. Carrying food, drinks or animals on bus.
  3. Carrying weapons or explosives on bus.
  4. Possessing intoxicating beverages, tobacco, narcotics, or any other substance prohibited by the district's drug abuse policy on the bus.
  5. Fighting using vulgar or abusive language, making obscene gestures on the bus - example but not limited to racial slurs.
  6. Throwing articles in or out of the bus or otherwise littering or damaging the bus in any way must be paid for by the offender.
  7. Moving from their seat or running up and down aisles while bus is in motion.
  8. Failure to respect the rights of owner’s property where bus stop is located.
  9. Sitting on the backs of the seat or on steps.
  10. Students are not to leave campus and return to get on bus.
  11. Students are to walk down steps using the handrail. No jumping.
  12. Students are to cross in front of bus on p.m. routes.
  13. Students are to wait in line on the right side of the road off curb for a safe pick-up.  They are not to rush the bus and they need to wait until bus is completely stopped.
  14. Students are to call driver by their name as requested.
  15. Student getting off the bus without permission from the principal.  Students are not to go back into the school or go with a parent waiting for them at the bus door.  We do not know the family circumstances of the students.  Do not take the responsibility of letting a student go with someone they should not go with.
  16. Students are to have a note approved by the principal to ride home with another student or get off the bus at any location other than their assigned stop.
  17. Students are to keep their belongings in their lap. This includes keeping band instruments, etc., out of the aisles and stairwell.
  18. No passengers are allowed to stand on a moving bus.