Eduphoria Strive Help

--- TEACHERS ---

Teacher and All Other Job Types Required to Submit Goals**
-- Creating, Submitting and Tracking Goals (printable)
**These instructions work for anyone required to enter and submit goals.
-- Goal Icon Indicators (What do those colors represent?)
-- Cleaning Up Previous Year's Goals (printable)
Adding Evidence to a Goal

Teacher on Waiver
-- Creating, Submitting and Tracking Goals (printable)
-- Creating A Request for Waiver (video)
       -- Teacher on Waiver Request Form (printable or electronic fillable form)
       -- Teacher on Waiver Detailed Requirements (printable)
-- Goal Icon Indicators (What do those colors represent?)
-- Cleaning Up Previous Year's Goals (printable)
-- Adding Evidence to a Goal

Submitting the Goal Reflection Document in March
(This is for Teachers and Teachers on Waiver)
-- Completing the Goal Reflection Document (GSPD) - (printable)
-- Completing the Goal Reflection Document (GSPD) - (video)


Filtering and Navigation Tips for Appraisers
-- Filtering and Navigation Tips for Strive (printable version)
-- Filtering and Navigation Tips for Strive (video - 6 minutes)
-- Summative Framework Panel - (8 minute video)

Selecting Employees to Appraise (Appraiser Setup)
-- Selecting Your Appraisees in Strive 

Approving and Managing Appraisee Goals in Strive
-- Goal Icon Indicators (What do those colors represent?)
-- Viewing Goals Pending Approval and Staff With Unsubmitted Goals
-- Approving Goals (printable)

Creating New Appraisal Documents in Strive
(including Walkthroughs, Observations, Summatives and/or Final Appraisals)
-- Creating Appraisal Documents (printable)
-- Additional Appraisal Document Resources (web version)
-- Uploading Documents to an Appraisee's Evaluation Process 

Editing or Deleting A Signed Appraisal Document
-- Deleting an Appraisal Document in Strive
-- UN-Signing A Document (so it can be edited or deleted)

Appraisal Alerts and Evaluation Reports
-- Configuring Appraisal Alerts
-- Evaluation Status Report
-- Evaluation Status Report - "Not Sent" List
-- Creating Unsigned Appraisal Documents List

Strive Summative Panel Video (13-minute video)
This video is a brief overview of the Teacher Summative Panel and some popular tips you may not know about.  Topics included:

  1. Creating a Summative
  2. Navigating the Summative Framework Panel
  3. Copying Observation Comments into the Summative Comment Box (popular tip!)
  4. Enlarging the Comment Box (popular tip!)
  5. Showing Scripted Comments box
  6. Copying Scripted Comments into the Appraisal Document (popular tip!)
  7. Unsubmitted Goals Button
  8. Goals Pending Approval Button
  9. Upcoming Features not yet available:
    1. Professional Development Tags in the Summative Panel
    2. Request for Outside Credit Approval Button