Eduphoria Workshop Tips

Finding an Activity Code 
When you need to request a substitute so that you can attend a staff development, follow these directions to locate the activity code.
Finding an Activity Code directions

Receiving Credit for a Course
In order to receive credit for a course, you must complete the survey within two weeks of the date of the course. After two weeks, the course closes, and participants will no longer be eligible for credit. The attachment below shows you how to find and complete the survey.
How to Complete a Survey

Adding Texas Certifications
By following the directions attached, you may add your Texas Certifications to your portfolio. Make sure to enter any applicable expiration dates. Six months prior to renewal an alert will appear in your certification details page.
Certification directions

Cancelling a Session
When you are unable to attend a session because of illness or an emergency, follows the directions in the attachment to unenroll from a course.
Cancelling a Session directions

Requesting Credit for Outside Workshops
When you attend a workshop outside of Pasadena ISD, you may request the course be added to your eduphoria! Workshop portfolio. Begin by scanning an image of the documentation that you completed the course (for example, certificate, transcript, etc.). Then follow the directions attached to complete the process.
Portfolio Entry directions

Adding a Course to Outlook Calendar
After registering for a course, adding the event to your Outlook Calendar is easy. The attachment below will guide you through the process.
Adding a Course directions