Student Device Coverage

Pasadena ISD is providing information below as optional student device coverage, starting on 8/17/2021.

- Please note that coverage must be purchased within 30 calendar days after a device is first issued.

- The coverage opportunity has expired for students who were issued a device at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, even if they recently swapped their device for a new computer.  

- If a student previously purchased coverage (during the 2021-2022  school year), please note that coverage will extend to any swapped devices. 

- Students who recently enrolled have the option to purchase coverage for 30 calendar days after receiving a device. Those students will need to contact the company at 1-888-978-3515 to receive a special code that will allow coverage to be purchased. 

Coverage is provided by School Device Coverage, part of U-PIC Insurance Services for $35 per school year. 

Coverage provides protection for:
  • Accidental Damage
  • Cracked Screen
  • Liquid Submersion
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Loss
  • Theft

Coverage must be purchased per student and includes unlimited claims per year, with no deductible. Coverage also transfers when a student exchanges a device. 

The Technical Services department will process claims for broken devices. 
Here is an example of how the process would work: 

1. Student is issued a device 
2. Within 30 calendar days, student and\or guardian accesses, sets up an account, then purchases coverage for the student. The device’s Pasadena ISD bar code must be provided when coverage is purchased
3. If the student experiences a covered incident (such as a cracked screen), the student brings the device to their school’s Campus Support Technician. 
4. The Campus Support Technician confirms that the student is covered, then issues the student a replacement device. 
5. The Campus Support Technician processes the claim and updates the newly issued device bar code in the insurance system. 

Please note that you must have the device bar code before coverage can be purchased.  The location of the barcode is shown below.

Device Barcode
Device Barcode 

Mail-in Option Available

(coverage must be purchased within 30 calendar days after device is issued. )

Contract in English 

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Contract in Spanish
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