Public Information

Public Information Request Procedures

Requests for public information (open records) are handled in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code § 552.001(et seq).

All requests for public information should be submitted to the Office of General Counsel Records Request. This procedure allows the District to accurately document the date each request is received and respond to the requestor promptly. If the request cannot be produced within ten business days, the requestor will be notified in writing of the reasonable date and time when it will be available.

Procedures for making a request: The request must ask for records or information already in existence. The Act does not require the District to create new information, to do legal research, or to answer questions.

Charges to the requestor: A person can ask to view the information, get copies of the information, or both. If a request is for copies of information, then the District may charge for the copies. If charges should occur, the District will send an itemized statement and ask for a response in writing, verifying that the requestor accepts, modifies or denies the cost being charged.

The requestor may submit the request by mail, fax, email, or in person to:
Office of General Counsel
Pasadena Independent School District
3920 Mickey Gilley Blvd.
Pasadena, Texas 77505
Fax: 713‐740-5940
Email: [email protected]

Responsibilities of the requestor: Any person who requests public information has the responsibility to:

  • Include enough description and detail of the information that you want so the District can accurately identify and locate the items requested.

  • Cooperate with the District’s reasonable requests that clarify the type or amount of information that is requested.

The District shall promptly release requested information that is not confidential by law. Documents considered public information shall be made available for review and/or copying. For any items that we wish to withhold, we will ask for a ruling from the Office of the Attorney General. The requestor will be sent a copy of that communication. If the request cannot be produced within ten business days, we will notify the requestor in writing of the reasonable date and costs if applicable.

If you have questions, please feel free to call 713-740-0978.