Cameras in the Classroom

To promote student safety, Pasadena ISD shall comply with Senate Bill 507 and amended by SB 1308. Requests for video and audio monitoring of certain self-contained classrooms or other special education settings as required by law will be considered. 

Video recordings made in accordance with this policy shall be confidential and shall only be viewed by approved individuals and in the limited circumstances permitted by statute. The video recordings shall not be used for any purpose other than the promotion of student safety.

The following people may request in writing that video/audio equipment be installed, operated, and maintained in a qualifying classroom or other special education setting in which one or more children receive special education services:

  • A parent of a child who receives special education services for the campus at which the child receives those services;
  • The Board of Trustees for one or more specified campuses;
  • The principal or assistant principal for their campus; and
  • A staff member assigned to work with one or more children receiving special education services for the campus at which the staff member works.

A request by an eligible individual may be made by completing the form below titled Special Education Video/Audio Monitoring Request Form and submitting it to the campus principal.