Posted on 03/28/2022

During a special called board meeting on Feb. 15, the Pasadena ISD Board of Trustees unanimously called for a $305 million bond referendum for the May 7, 2022 ballot.

If approved, the proposed bond package will include major safety, security and technology upgrades.

The bond would replace four aging elementary schools, including Bailey, Jessup, Parks and Williams, which were all constructed more than 60 years ago. The cost of renovating the campuses to provide needed repairs and bring them in line with the standards of technology-based education and state guidelines now exceeds the cost of building new campuses.

The bond also includes athletics upgrades such as new turf fields, scoreboards and LED lights, upgraded lighting at Maguire Baseball Field, the Auxiliary Track Stadium and the Softball Complex along with renovations to the auxiliary stadium track and concession and restroom facility.

Bond funding would allow the district's fine arts programs to replace damaged and/or aging instruments for k-12, in addition to making modifications to school auditoriums and adding new AV equipment.

The bond will be divided into three ballot propositions (Proposition A, Proposition B and Proposition C) that residents will have the opportunity to vote on individually. The following list includes some of the items included in the bond package. Please visit the Pasadena ISD website for the complete list of projects.

PROPOSITION A - $281,269,000

Four priority replacement schools

  • Williams, Jessup, Bailey, and Parks

    Improvements to Safety and Security
  • New Turf Field, LED lights and Scoreboards at each Traditional High School
  • Video Management System (Security Camera) Replacement
    Access Control System Replacement
    Server/Switch Gear
    Intrusion Alarm Replacement
    Fire Alarm Replacements
    Parking Lot Lighting Upgrades (LED)

Modernization and Renovation School Projects

  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Improvements
  •  Roofing Improvements
  •  Electrical System Replacements
  •  Plumbing Improvements
  •  Water Fountain Retrofits to Bottle Filling Stations
  •  Flooring/ Painting
  •  High School Turf Fields
  •  LED Lights - High Schools
  •  Scoreboards - High Schools & Intermediates

Fine Arts

  • K-12 Instruments & Musical Equipment
    Auditorium Repairs

Career and Technical Education Upgrades

  • Culinary Arts Infrastructure, Safety & Commercial Equipment
  • Classrooms & Lab Improvements


  • New Buses and Improvements

PROPOSITION B - $14,921,000
The proposed Prop. B bond package will address technology. This includes:

  • Technology & Innovation Device Refresh
  • Networking & Infrastructure
  • Vehicles for Technology
  • District Cost after E-Rate Contribution

PROPOSITION C - $8,810,000
Prop. C will address athletics needs including:

  • Turf Field at Auxiliary Stadium
  • LED Lights Retrofit at Maguire Field, Auxiliary Stadium and Softball Complex
  • Replacing the Auxiliary Stadium Track
  • New Maguire Field Concession and Restrooms
  • Turf Field at Maguire Field and One Softball Complex Field

The bond priorities have been divided in compliance with new Texas legislation, which requires school districts to have separate propositions for certain projects such as athletic upgrades and technology improvements.

Should voters approve the bond referendum, taxpayers would see a property tax rate change of $.03. There will be no tax increase for individuals who are 65 years of age or older or who are disabled and who qualify for an over-65 homestead exemption.

The estimated cost per month is contingent on a proposed amendment to the state constitution.

Texas Proposition 2, which is also on the May 7 ballot, includes two amendments that would:

  1. increase the homestead exemption for school district property taxes from $25,000 to $40,000;
  2. authorize the state legislature to reduce the limit on property taxes imposed on the homesteads of elderly or disabled residents to reflect any tax rate reduction enacted by law from the preceding tax year.

If Texas Prop. 2 passes, the proposed $.03 tax rate would save homeowners $14.55 per month or $174.5 per year on an average home valued at $165,000.

If Texas Prop. 2 fails, the proposed $.03 cent tax rate would cost an estimated $3.09 per month or a total of $37.05 per year for a home valued at $165,000.

Early voting for the election has been set for April 3-May 3. Election Day will take place on May 7.

For more information about the 2022 Pasadena ISD Bond, please visit the Pasadena ISD website: