Cash Collection System for Staff

   Getting Started  Notes     Video
     setting up Accessing Cash Collection
   First time using cash collections?
PDF E-Video
   Cash Collection Process    
 Step 1      
    NEW Setting Up a Cash Collection
   New cash collection set up!
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    add or remove Adding and Removing Collectors
   Add or Remove Authorized Collectors
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 Step 2      
     receipt students Receipting Students
   Ready to Receipt Students?
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     receipt staff Receipting Employees
   Receipting Staff at Your Home Campus
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 Step 3
     print Print a Student Statement PDF E-Video
       edit a receipt Edit a Cash Receipt
   Receipted a Student today and found the
   mistake? (Feature is only Available Until 7pm)
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      cancel Cancel a Cash Receipt
   Receipted a Student multiple times?
   Must provide a DETAILED reason.
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    refund Initiate a Refund PDF E-Video
     Do not return/refund money back to a student.    
     Only the Bookkeeper or Secretary is allowed    
     to return funds to a student.    
       refund form Refund Form PDF  
     A Refund Form must be completed filled out    
     and signed by the parent or guardian, then    
     turned into the secretary or bookkeeper.    
    close a collection  Close a Cash Collection PDF E-Video
 Advanced Features    
      student groups Creating Student Groups PDF E-Video
     Need a select group of students in a scope?    
     You can hand pick students to create a scope.    
     course groups Creating Course Groups PDF E-Video
      Select several classes to narrow scope.    
      You can hand pick certain classes to create    
      your perfect scope.    
 Books  Library Videos    
   Lost and Overdue Library Books   E-Video
   Copy Machine and Bookfairs   E-Video
   Issuing a Refund PDF E-Video