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This page is meant to be a quick reference for any problem you have with the BlueWave keyless entry system.

As the banner above shows, we need information from the campus in order to determine the problem with a door or permissions. 

Most of this troubleshooting is based around the door reader and its response when a card is presented to it.

The reader will display the following  "Light" color as it responds to a card that has been presented:

 -Reader light stays BLUE = This is a very common problem and is almost always a problem with the card itself. The quick fix, for the staff member and the campus, is to email [email protected] and request a replacement key/badge for the staff member.  

-Reader light turns RED = This is most commonly a permissions issue. A card number could be transposed or the incorrect facility code is entered causing the card not to work. Double check those things first. If you are still having an issue email dispatch for assistance at  [email protected]

-Reader light turns Green but the door will not unlock= This is usually a mechanical or firmware issue. Please email Alex Evzerov at [email protected] and let him know the reader turns green but the door will not open.

There also may be a time when your exterior doors are flashing a singular color or several colors. This is an indicator that the door is in "LOCKDOWN". If this occurs and your campus is not in lockdown you will need to use your credentials and login to BlueWeb website and remove the lockdown. 

Please remember, only master keycards or a mechanical key will open doors that are in LOCKDOWN mode.

We are always available for assistance. However, this page has been developed to help you troubleshoot possible problems and direct you to the right people to call/email. It is our hope that this will greatly reduce the emails and expedite getting your doors working. 

As always if you have any questions or concerns you can call any of the below numbers for assistance;

Dispatch: 713-740-0200
Sgt. Morris: 713-740-0063
Cpt. McMahan: 713-740-0032
EMAIL: [email protected]