Welcome to the Guardian Program

The School Board for the Pasadena Independent School District has voted to introduce the Guardian Program in an effort to help protect all campuses from the threat of an active shooter. The Guardian Program is our way of ensuring the safety of our campuses while we still recruit and train full-service police officers to serve our district’s students and staff.

When violent criminal incidents occur, seconds matter. Texas has recognized this and has passed House Bill 3 authorizing school districts to better protect their campuses by empowering individuals be armed and to be capable of defending our students and staff.

We feel the best way to have well trained people protecting our schools is to reach out to the retired law enforcement community for qualified personnel to fulfill this contracted duty.

Effective immediately! If you are a retired Police Officer (15 years or more of continuous service) in good standing.  We would love to have you join our Guardian Program and continue your service in a community that needs and wants you!!! 

Become a Pasadena I.S.D. Guardian!

Armed Guardians will serve as safety consultants to our campuses. This is not a T.C.O.L.E. licensed position. Potential candidates do not need to renew or reactivate their T.C.O.L.E. or P.O.S.T. license to qualify. The Pasadena Independent School Board is the entity authorizing this armed non-law enforcement position. 

In your previous career you served your community as a protector. Come work with us and make a seamless transition as a Guardian. We need you to help us keep our district safer. Come work for an organization that appreciates where you came from and will provide new challenges and goals for the next chapter of your life. 

Life after retirement doesn't have to be boring. You also don't have to start from "scratch". All your training and experience is an asset. Come be part of a team and a community that needs you and wants you present on campus.  


Guardians are contracted personnel (through Arbiter) that work at our campuses when students are present. Again, these are contracted positions so pay is through 1099 tax forms.  

Things we offer:
-Get paid every week ($35/hour = $280/day).
-Make your own schedule (online automated).
-Minimum of 3 work days a week.
-Off holidays and staff development days.
-Utilize the same skills from your previous career.
-Work a schedule that fits your lifestyle.
-Work in community that wants and appreciates you.
-Direct in-district law enforcement support.
-The ability to make a difference in the safety of children.
-Daily uniform is khaki BDU style pants and polo style shirts (we provide the shirts).