Grant Opportunities

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  • Before applying for any grant,  complete and submit the Intent to Apply  form to the Grants Department;

                                                               GRANT OPPORTUNITIES

Pasadena ISD Mini Grants
Source: Pasadena ISD Education Foundation
Application Deadline: October 13, 2023 4 p.m.
Purpose: The Education Foundation awards mini grants to Pasadena ISD teachers from a campus or classroom projects to enhance student success. (Please note an intent to apply form is not needed)
Award: Up to $5,000

AIAA Foundation Classroom Grant Program
Source: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Application Deadline: September 30
Purpose: The  AIAA Foundation believes that one of the most significant means to inspire and advance the future of Aerospace is to fund grants to meet the unmet and unfunded educational need of students. 
Up to $500

Walmart Local Community Grants
Source: Walmart
Application Deadline: 
Quarter 1: Feb 1 – April 15
Quarter 2: May 1 – July 15
Quarter 3: August 1 – October 15
Quarter 4: November 1 – December 31
Purpose: The purpose of the grant is to support schools and organizations with funding towards, community and economic development, diversity and inclusion, education, health and human services, hunger relief and healthy eating, public safety and quality of life.
Award: $250 to $5,000

ACS-Hach Chemical Development Grants 
Source: ACS- HACH
Application DeadlineJanuary 21 and October 15 annually 
Purpose: To support high school chemistry teachers as they identify and pursue opportunities that advance their professional development and enhance the teaching and learning of chemistry in their classrooms.
Award: $1,500

The Frederick and Florence Bauder Endowment for the Support of Physics Teaching
Source: American Association of Physics Teachers (must be a member of AAPT)
Application Deadline: December 1 (Winter) and July 1 (Summer)
Purpose: To support special activities in the area of physics teaching
Award: $2500

Baseball Tomorrow Fund
Source: Baseball Tomorrow Fund
Application Deadline: Letter of Inquiry submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year with no deadlines but may take up to 6 months processing. For example, if you are applying for your funding in the spring season starting in March. submit your LOI in August.
To provide funding for incremental programming and facilities for youth baseball and softball programs, and to finance a new program, expand  or improve an existing program, undertake a new collaborative effort, or obtain facilities or equipment necessary for youth baseball or softball program.
Award: TBD

Classic for Kids Foundation
Source: Classic for Kids Foundation
Application Deadlines: March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31
Purpose: To empower young people to shape positive futures through music, build sustainable stringed instrument music programs, and provide grants for high-quality instruments.
Award: TBD

Healthy Choices Grant
Oliver Foundation
Application Deadline:  April 15, July 15 and 
October 15
The purpose of the grant is to encourage children, families and communities in Texas to improve the eating and physical activities patters of Pre-school, Elementary, Middle School and High School students.
Level 1
Level 2 $3,000- $5,000

Mockingbird Foundation Music Education Grants
Source: Mockingbird Foundation, Inc
Application Deadline: 
January 15, 24 (Full proposals, if invited, will be invited early Spring and due mid- to late April.
 to support projects in music education. The primary focus is students, ages 18 and younger, with particular interest in projects that target underserved children.  Grants may be used to obtain instruments, texts, and other materials, and for the support of learning space, practice space, performance space, and instructors or instruction.
Award: $100 - $10,000

Fruit Tree Planting Foundation Orchard Grant
Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) and Stretch Island Fruit Co.
Application DeadlineInquiries accepted year-round
Purpose: Brings fruit tree orchards (about 20-25 trees minimum) to schools to improve the surrounding environment and provide a local source of healthy nutrition.
Trees, materials, orchard installation design work, and onsite environmental curriculum

Hungry For Music Grant

: Hungry for Music
Application DeadlineTitle One Public Schools August 1-October 15
                                    After-School & Summer Programs March 31-July 1
                                    Social Workers and School Counselors - Open all year

Purpose: Hungry for Music provides musical instruments to individuals, schools, and community music programs that cannot afford them.
Awards: Musical instruments

RPM Foundation Grant
Source: Restoration Preservation Mentorship Foundation
Application Deadline: Dec. 8,2023
Purpose: To provide the pathway to careers for the next generation of automotive, motorcycle and marine restoration and preservation craftsmen and artisans through formal training and mentorship.
Award: Up to $10,000

Toshiba Grants for Grades 6 –12

: Toshiba America Foundation
Application Deadlines: Requests < $5,000March 1, June 1, Sept. 1, Dec. 1
                                     Requests > $5,000: May 1 and November 1
Purpose: To support science and math education by funding classroom projects which provide students with the opportunity to "do science" in new ways that promise to increase their engagement with the subject matter and improve their learning.
Awards: up to $5,000 or over

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