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Welcome! We invite parents to explore the back-to-school site for information that will help students start the year ready to learn.

First Day of School: August 20, 2018

First Day of School FRESHMEN ONLY: August 17, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: The Back-to-School website is currently under construction and is continuously being updated as information becomes available.


School Type Regular Start Time  Dismissal Time  Early Dismissal Time 
High School 7:15 AM  2:35 PM  11:30 AM 
Elementary   7:45 AM  3:05 PM  12:05 PM 
Intermediate  8:10 AM  3:30 PM  12:30 PM 
Middle School  8:40 AM  4:00 PM  1:00 PM 

Session  Regular Start Time  Dismissal Time  Early Start &
Dismissal Time
AM Pre-K 7:45 AM  10:50 AM 7:45 AM - 9:45 AM
PM Pre-K  12:00 PM 3:05 PM  10:00 AM - 12:05 PM 
 Full Day Pre-K 7:45 AM  3:05 PM  7:45 AM - 12:05 PM 
 CTHS Pre-K 6:30 AM  5:00 PM  6:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Students are tardy if they are not in class by the official start time.  To prevent tardiness or disruption to the classrooms, students should arrive 15-30 minutes earlier than the start time.  During that time they may eat breakfast, visit with friends and arrive at the classroom on time to put away supplies and prepare for the school day.