High School Summer School 2018


Session 1:  June 7-8, 11-14 (six days)

Session 2:  June 15, 18-22 (six days)

TSIA Testing: June 14, 22

STAAR EOC Retesting - June 25-29


8:15 AM – 3:45 PM

(based on student's home address)

Pasadena Memorial HS 

Serving: Dobie HS, PMHS, CTHS and Tegeler

Rayburn HS

Serving: PHS, SHHS, SRHS, CTHS and Tegeler


CLICK HERE to request a summer school course(s).
• May 1-4 Initial credit registration at zoned high schools.
• May14-16 credit recovery registration at zoned high schools.
• 8th graders and out of district students – May 21 at 2:30-5:00 pm at zoned high school campus.


June 5 from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm at zoned high school


$65 per half credit (out of district $100 per half credit)
CLICK HERE for information about how to pay.
A receipt must be presented to the counselor to complete registration.

Refunds of tuition will be granted upon request through June 6.
No cash or credit refunds. Refund checks will be mailed to the student’s home address within two weeks. After June 6, no tuition will be refunded.


Free bus transportation for eligible students


Free breakfast and lunch for all students


Students are expected to attend 100% of the time a course is offered. Extenuating circumstances such as court orders must be addressed with and approved by the program manager PRIOR to an absence or tardy. Any time away from class must be made up according to the program manager’s instructions in order for a student to earn credit.


Initial Credit
Initial Credit

 Credit Recovery

Art I


PSAT NMSQT Bootcamp1,4,5

Algebra I

Spanish I

Art Academy4,5


Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) Preparation1,2

Spanish II

 Economics Chemistry
SAT Preparation

Algebra II

US History
 English III
Comm. Applications   Algebraic Reasoning
World Geography
 ESOL Academy4 Economics   Biology
World History
English IV
STAAR Review (free)
Advanced Math Academy
PAP Geometry4,5

Government Algebra I EOC1,2 Communication
Government Health Biology EOC1,2 Economics  
PAP Pre-Calculus4,5 Music Appreciation
English I EOC1,2 English I
English II EOC1,2 English II
World Geography
Principles of IT
US History EOC1,2 English III
  Psychology   English IV
  Spanish I
  Spanish II
  Spanish III
  US History
  ISM – Algebra 32  
  World Geography
  World History   Pre-Calculus

1face-to-face   2online   3extended timeline   4by invitation  5premium grade points 

The Advanced Mathematics Academy is for students who desire to enter the advanced mathematics instructional path in order to reach Advanced Placement math courses. In this rigorous course of study students will take either PreAP geometry or PreAP precalculus. For more information, contact your high school math content specialist or your math teacher. The program is embedded in regular summer school.

The Art Academy is for students dedicated to advancing their art portfolios to help them compete for college art scholarships.  Students are invited to the academy based on a portfolio review.  For more information, contact your high school art teacher.  The program is embedded in regular summer school.

The College Readiness exam preparation courses are open to all students who wish to prepare for the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) or the SAT.  For more information, contact your high school College Now Coordinator.  The program is embedded in regular summer school. 

Early College High School Bridge programs will be held at both summer locations.  Contact your campus ECHS Dean for more information.   Bridge programs are embedded in regular summer school.

Dobie ECHS (at PMHS)
Pasadena ECHS (at SRHS)
Pasadena Memorial ECHS (at PMHS)
Rayburn ECHS (at SRHS)
South Houston ECHS (at SRHS)

The ESOL Academy is for recent immigrant students to continue their development of English.  For more information, contact your high school ESOL teacher or your campus SIOP Facilitator.  The program is embedded in regular summer school.
Call 713-740-0910 for more information.

The Graduation Recovery program is held at Pasadena Community School for seniors who need more than two classes to graduate and juniors who are not on track to graduate on time. Contact your high school counselor for a recommendation to enroll. The program runs June 4 through June 22.
Call 713-740-0298 for more information.

Pasadena Virtual School is offering a large list of online classes for high school credit.  Students who successfully complete a short on-boarding survival course to demonstrate their readiness for online learning may enroll in online courses and work at their own pace.  PVS courses run June 6 through July 25.
Call 713-740-0124 for more information.

The Summit program is for students who want to shorten their DAEP assignment.  Students will take classes and part in an enrichment program designed around their social-emotional needs and interests.  The program runs June 4-29.