Social Media Guidelines

The Pasadena ISD Facebook Page is generated as a service for the district's parents, students, staff and community. The Communications Department maintains and updates this page to share student and staff achievements, upcoming events, emergency information and other timely news.
Fan Comments on Posts and Pictures
Page administrators reserve the right to remove any comments (especially those deemed inappropriate or malicious) at any time, for any reason. The intent of this policy is not to censor negative or critical information but to protect the rights and privacy of Pasadena ISD students and staff.
What Comments Will Be Removed?
 We will remove comments that. . . .
  • Break the law or encourage others to do so. 
  • Contain abusive or inappropriate language or statements.
  • Identify students and/or staff in defamatory, abusive or negative terms.
  • Disregard or disrespect another's privacy or may offend or provoke others.
  • Contains false information .
  • Are spams (i.e. repeatedly posting the same comments that advertise or promote a service or product).
If a person continues to post inappropriate comments, we reserve the right to remove him/her as a fan of our page.