Pasadena ISD’s 90.9 graduation rate at all-time high

Pasadena ISD’s 90.9 graduation rate at all-time high
Posted on 08/26/2022
Pasadena ISD’s 90.9 graduation rate at all-time high

Pasadena ISD’s graduation rate has once again increased and is now at an all-time high of 90.9.

The data is based on a recent four-year cohort report by the Texas Education Agency. The cohort consists of students who entered high school as ninth graders in 2017-18 or joined the cohort as tenth, eleventh, or twelfth graders, and graduated by their anticipated graduation date in 2021. The graduation rate was calculated by comparing the number of students receiving a high school diploma to those who started ninth grade four years ago.  

“Our excellent graduation rate is the direct result of Pasadena ISD’s innovative approaches to cater to the different learning styles of students,” said Dr. Karen Hickman, Pasadena ISD Deputy Superintendent. 

“Career and Technical paths such as culinary arts, health science, welding and computer science have helped to keep students interested and earning certificates that make them work ready. Additionally, our Community School has done a phenomenal job of capturing students ready to drop out for various reasons by providing self-paced learning, alternative schedules and individualized support with small class sizes.” 

A high school of choice in Pasadena ISD, Community School is fondly referred to as the district’s hidden gem by its staff members as it gives students at risk of not graduating from high school another chance to earn their high school diploma. The small school prides itself on providing a personalized experience for each student, calling it their “hidden curriculum.”

More than 200 seniors have graduated through Community School and will join the Pasadena community college and/or career ready. 

Pasadena ISD graduation rate rises to 90.9