Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Self-assessment questionnaires are designed to help determine compliance regarding business policies, administrative processes and regulatory compliance. The optimal answer to each question is “Yes”. “No” responses indicate an opportunity for improvement. These documents are not intended to be 100% comprehensive, but will give a good indication if improvements should be made.

The primary purpose of this tool is for a campus/department to self-evaluate in order to identify potential weaknesses, non-compliance, and/or improve processes. Operations can be improved, efficiency increased, and audit findings reduced by self-identifying weaknesses and implementing corrective actions.

We encourage you to engage your staff in brain storming ways to improve processes where the optimal answer of “Yes” could not be placed.

If you need assistance in changing your existing processes, please contact Financial Compliance Department.

Cash Handling Self-Assessment

Petty Cash Box Self-Assessment

Student Fund 865 Self-Assessment

Surprise Cash Count Self-Assessment