Recess Guidelines

Pasadena ISD Recess Guidelines
Approved by Cabinet in June 2019

  1. Pasadena ISD elementary schools should develop schedules that provide at least 20-30 minutes of supervised recess time each day. Recess should not replace physical education. Recess should be unstructured playtime where children have choices, develop rules for play, and release energy and stress.
  2. Proper supervision of students and appropriate equipment should be provided by the campus to ensure the safety of all students. Campuses should provide one training per year to go over recess rules and expectations for teachers and students and proper use of equipment.
  3. Recess should not be viewed as a reward, but a necessary educational support component for all children. Taking away recess time as a punitive measure, as a behavior management tool or for tutoring or other competing activities should be avoided.