Grant Post Award Process

Grants Post Award

Grant "Post" Award Process is as follows:

1.    Grants Dept. receives notification of a grant award

2.    A Board Agenda Item is prepared to be presented to the Board for approval (contingent on award amount)

3.    Grants Compliance Coordinator develops individualized grant monitoring guidelines following Board approval

4.    Grants Compliance Coordinator schedules a Grant Orientation Meeting with the Project Coordinator and/or Grant Implementation Team

5.    Grant Award is publicized on Grants Department or PISD webpage thru the Communications Dept.

6.    Grants Compliance Coordinator provides implementation support

7.    Grants Compliance Coordinator performs site visits and conducts program monitoring services, such as, data checks and/or student data reviews.

8.    Grants Compliance Coordinator provides reporting reminders; and assistance with development and submission of reports.

9.     Grants Compliance Coordinator provides technical support, guidance and troubleshoots problems and close-out assistance as program comes to an end.