Timeline Process

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 Core Team Meeting August 30, 2016
Board of Trustees Approved Resolution
to initiate the process of exploring and considering designation of the District as a District of Innovation under HB 1842.
 September 27, 2016
  Core Team Meeting  October 19, 2016
 Core Team Meeting
 November 9, 2016
 Public Hearing at Board of Trustees Meeting  November 29, 2016
Appointment of Steering Committee by Board of Trustees  November 29, 2016
 Steering Committee Meeting  January 9, 2017
Subcommittee/Design Team meets to create plan  January 10-31, 2017
Leaders present their plans to the Steering Committee for consideration   February 2, 2017
Notification is sent to the Commissioner with our intent to vote on the plan   February 7, 2017
Preliminary District of Innovation Plan is posted online for a thirty day comment period ending March 10, 2017  February 8, 2017
Public Meeting of the District Education Committee & Vote Taken
 February 9, 2017
 Steering Committee review of public comments  March 20, 2017
Recommendation/Possible Approval of the Plan by the Board of Trustees
 April 25, 2017
 Send Notification to the Commissioner of approval of the DOI plan April 27, 2017
Update policy process