Two Rayburn Texans basketball players selected for All State awards

Two Rayburn Texans basketball players selected for All State awards
Posted on 05/06/2021
Two Rayburn Texans basketball players selected for All State awards

Two students from Sam Rayburn High School were selected as Texas Association of Basketball Coaches All-State qualifiers. Harrison Black, a senior at Rayburn, was awarded TABC Academic All-State and named the Class 6A Free Throw Shooter of the Year. 

Isaiah Gonzalez, a junior at Rayburn, was awarded the TABC Class 6A 3-Point Shooter of the Year. 

Black and Gonzalez, joined by Rayburn basketball coach Corey Krampen and Rayburn Principal Vanessa Reyes, recently talked about their love of the game and plans after high school. 

Q: How did you feel after learning you had been awarded All-State?

Harrison Black: It was a surprise to win the award, but a good surprise. I thank God, my family and my friends. My family has supported me along the way and has pushed me to be the best person I can be.

Isaiah Gonzalez:  I wasn’t as shocked. I didn’t expect to win or anything like that, but I thought that it was a possibility. I was happy to get the recognition. I want to thank everyone who has pushed and continues to push me: my family, my parents, my brother and my coaches. I also want to thank Harrison. He is one of my friends and a teammate. He helps push me to be the best. I’m also thankful for Coach Krampen. He gave me another chance. Last year, I made some bad decisions, but this year, I gave it my all. I was determined to prove to him that I had changed.

Q: When did you begin playing basketball?

H.B.: I began playing basketball when I was six. I always liked it because I had the opportunity to be around my friends and my coaches. I have stayed with the sport out of love for the game. I have always loved it. I admire Stephen Curry and Allen Iverson.

I.G.: I began playing basketball in third grade. As a little kid, my older brother would take me to the park and I would watch people play ball. After that, I knew I wanted to play, too. After I started playing basketball, I fell in love with the game. When I’m on the court, it’s my peace. No one can mess around with me. There, it’s just me and the ball. I think that playing basketball has made me a better person.

Q: What are your plans after high school?

H.B.: I will be attending LSU at Alexandria on a full-ride scholarship to play basketball. It has always been a dream of mine to play basketball in college.

I.G.: I’m not sure yet. I would love to play basketball in college, but I just have to keep working next year and see what happens.

Q: What is the work ethic of these young men like?

Coach Corey Krampen: Harrison and Isaiah have a strong work ethic, they both love the game. Harrison would show up at the gym everyday at 5:30 a.m. Most kids would groan and wouldn’t want to get up that early. Isaiah is an incredible shooter with the potential to become even better. I have told both of these young men that these awards are just the beginning and to keep working toward other goals. 

Both of these guys have faced adversity. High school kids, it’s easy for them to make mistakes, but it’s important to show the students that second chances are an opportunity for them to grow as a person. Helping a player grow into a great person is just as important to us as helping them grow into a great athlete. Basketball is just what we use to help them grow. 

Q: As their principal, what would you like to share about these young men?

Principal Vanessa Reyes: We are so proud of both of them, Harrison and Isaiah. They are leaders on the basketball team and have continued to accomplish great things on and off the court.


Harrison Black (left) dribbles past an opponent during a game.

Isaiah Gonzalez (left) shoots for a goal during a game.